Cut energy consumption

 by up to 80% 


Our Philosophy

​Every household deserves to experience the low energy, high comfort levels of double glazed windows and doors. We are proud to provide the highest standard of environmentally friendly,  sustainably sourced timber windows and doors at affordable prices.

"Our house has never been more comfortable or inviting since we installed your timber windows and doors."

" Friends and family constantly comment on the look and functionality of the windows and doors"

"We were amazed at how affordable the products are. It meant that double glazing was an option for us" 


  • Are custom made
  • Feature multipoint locking systems 
  • Come in timber + aluminium profiles
  • Increase comfort and reduce energy consumption
  • Have outstanding acoustic performance
  • Achieve U-values to 1.1W/m2K
  • ​Are Sourced sustainably, certified FSC®, PEFC®,

OUR Products 

Tilt and Turn mechanism 

Fully integrated accessories


Safety features

Weather resistance

Environmental impact




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Eco Timber Windows

About Us...

Eco Timber Windows provide bespoke,double glazed windows and doors. Manufactured in Europe and featuring the highest standard of glazing, dual seals and multipoint locking mechanisms, our windows and doors offer the optimum in acoustics, security, durability and thermal performance.

Eco Timber Windows,The natural choice for your home that won't cost the Earth...